A Review of Mozy Pro Applied for Business Use

Published: 01st May 2009
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Mozy Pro is a business backup solution by Mozy Online Backups Systems. It is designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Here we review the Mozy Pro backup system, where it works well and where it does not.

Features of Mozy Pro

As its name suggests, this service is the "professional," or business counterpart, of Mozy Home. It provides all the features as the home version plus more advanced features to assist the IT pro, the office manager, or the businessman. For each computer that you will be backing up, you need to use either of two licenses - the desktop license which costs $3.95 plus $0.50/GB per month, or the server license, which is priced at $6.95 plus $0.50/GB per month.

The server license costs more because it comes with many features that would be needed for a server including Windows Server OS support, network share support and backup and restore of Exchange email server and SQL server. These are products that would be typically installed on a server. For security Mozy employs 128 bit SSL encryption while performing the file upload for backup and 448 bit Blowfish encryption or 256-bit AES encryption on your files while they are stored on their backup servers. For business, knowing their data is securely encrypted is invaluable.


No matter the license you choose, server or desktop, Mozy Pro will ensure good quality services, security and comprehensive backup package at an affordable price.

Aside from putting all the stops when it comes to security, Mozy Pro has also placed the user's convenience and ease of use at the top of its priority. The service supports both Windows and Mac, and gives the user an option of to set it on automatic or scheduled mode of backup.

Mozy Pro also backs up and restores all types of data files on practically any software or database in your computer - Exchange, SQL, and those in network drives. Plus, it comes with advanced administrative features which is ideal for a multi-user business set-up.


Mozy Pro is not without its flaws, though. Some users of this online storage and backup facility have pointed out that the technical support provided is rather slow and at times not helpful at all. Problems in connecting to Mozy's servers have also been experienced by some users, and the software itself has been reported by some as "buggy."

Another common complaint cited in Mozy Pro reviews and by subscribers is the fact that when they reach their backup quota, the backup fails. To ensure that your data has been successfully stored, the process should be checked regularly, which can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

The last complaint seems to one that is common to many backup solutions and that is the restore process can take a long time. Additionally, it can take Mozy up to 24 hours to retrieve the data before the restore process can even begin. Businesses have a difficult time doing without their information for that long and may find this is not an acceptable situation.

Mozy Pro Review Summary

In summary, this service is not without its drawbacks but it offers great security and affordability for small or even medium sized businesses. Another benefit is that you can have this backup system running in just the time it takes to download the software and configure the backup schedule, which is hardly anytime at all. So, for businesses without an IT support system in place Mozy Pro would be worth considering. With the month to month plan there would be no financial commitment other than one month's payment.

Make it a point to read the full review of Mozy Pro in this site to know if it is the best online storage tool for your business!

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