Computer Troubles? Here's How to Prevent Computer Crashes

Published: 23rd September 2009
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If you are searching for ways on how to prevent computer crashes, you may be glad to know that almost every kind of computer crash is preventable. And for those that aren't, such as a hard drive going bad, there are ways to minimize that damage that they do. However, you have to make yourself responsible for your computer's health and not just expect it to run smoothly forever. By taking certain measures, you can ensure that your computer will run faster and better as well as longer. You can also be sure that those crashes that do happen will not make you miserable.

The first step in computer crash prevention is proper maintenance. A well-maintained car won't break down on you. Just the same, a well-maintained computer will be more reliable. And when there is a problem, you will be more likely to spot it early. Proper computer maintenance doesn't just mean cleaning the dust out of the case every month. You also need to run scan disk and defrag programs about every month. You should run a registry cleaner just as often, if not more often. These programs are simple to use and will keep your computer running as smoothly as it can.

The next step is to keep your eyes and ears open. You computer can run diagnostics on itself and it is important that you pay attention to these when the computer starts up. Be aware of the signs of bad RAM or a hard drive going bad. If your computer is short on memory, a RAM stick may be going bad. If your hard drive is buzzing or clicking, you may want to consider backing up your data immediately. By learning to recognize the visual and auditory cues of hardware failing, you will not be taken off guard when something does go bad.

One of the biggest aspects of learning how to prevent computer crashes is knowing how to protect your computer. There are numerous steps you can take here. First, keep your computer well-ventilated as overheating can damage it. Keep your computer where it won't be bumped or kicked since even small movements can damage a hard drive. Always use a surge protector for your computer because even a small power surge can fry a motherboard. While it may seem like common sense, be sure to have adequate anti-virus protection. That means using a program that suits your needs. If you browse the web a lot, you want the best security. And always make sure your anti-virus software is up to date.

Computers are bound to quit eventually, but if you take time to apply the right preventive measures, that eventuality would happen later rather than sooner. Also, it shouldn't take a major computer crash for us to realize the importance of always doing a data backup of all our important documents and digital files. If you have an efficient backup system, properly maintain your computer, and learn all other methods on how to prevent computer crashes, you should have nothing to worry about.

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