CrashPlan vs Backblaze: Focused on Easy Backups

Published: 09th December 2011
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Searching for an online storage service that puts emphasis on the backup itself? Then CrashPlan vs BackBlaze should be on your list of potential providers. Before you blindly choose one of these companies however, you need to examine what each service brings to the table.

This overview will help you compare the major features of each service. You can quickly evaluate the similarities and the differences. Having a good idea of what you will be getting is one way to make the selection process faster. Then, you can always take a closer look at each service and make your final decision.


It is important to keep in mind that each of these services focuses on actual backups. If you are looking for file sharing and file syncing, you will have to look elsewhere. These two companies provide reliable backup service for your data. They do not offer features that are conducive to online collaborations between people. These providers backup data, period. They both offer remote access, file versioning, automatic backups, and scheduled backups. Both are compatible with Windows and Mac. However, CrashPlan offers archiving and file searching, as well as compatibility with Linux and Solaris.

In the area of customer support, CrashPlan vs BackBlaze are neck and neck they only offer email support. People that enjoy a variety of ways to contact customer service will not find that with either of these services. However, if email support is enough for you, then both of these providers fit the bill. While customer service is important, continue examining features before you rule out either of these online backup services.

Storage and Pricing

Both of these companies offer unlimited storage space. BackBlaze has two simple plans one for the average consumer and one for businesses. Both plans provide the unlimited storage space, so you never have to worry about running out of space. This service also takes the guesswork out of which files to back up it backs up all the files on your computer. While you do not get to pick and choose, this particular feature is useful to those that do not want to be bothered with selecting files to back up. On the other hand, if you do not want your entire system backed up, you may want a different service.

CrashPlan has several subscription plans. Their free plan does not offer online backups it only allows users to back up to another physical source. For example, you can hook up your external hard drive and backup your files, but you cannot backup your files to the cloud.

Target User

The targeted user of these services is the average home user. However, one focuses more on the user that favors simplicity, while the other focuses on the user that wants selections and options. Both services focus only on backing up your system, so if you need to share files, these will not work for you. However, if you only want a backup of your data, both providers can handle this function.

When comparing CrashPlan vs BackBlaze, decide if you are the simple user or the selective user and choose the service that fits your needs and budget.

Backblaze vs Crashplan - which is better for your storage needs? Visit us to see the full side-by-side comparison of these two services as well as detailed reviews of each service. We also provide reviews and recommendations of the best online backup services available today.

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