Four Useful Tips For Acing That Nursing School Interview

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Published: 26th November 2010
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One of the first few things that you will have to hurdle when applying to nursing schools is speaking with an admissions counselor. With the competition facing aspiring nurses today, it is essential to make a good impression .

By following these tips, you should have that counselor's approval in no time.

First of all, show up ON TIME. Time your departure so that you will get to the campus no less than 30 minutes before the appointed time. You never know what delays you could run into. If you show up late you've already left a bad impression. People's lives will rely on you when you're a nurse; don't make the admissions counselor think that you're unreliable.

Secondly, show up neat, clean, conservatively dressed, and hygienic. If you have long outlandish acrylic nails, consider doing away with them. Many hospitals ban their employees from wearing acrylic nails, because they harbor germs and microbes. It would be in your best interests to show up at your interview looking like someone that a hospital would hire.

Thirdly, do some serious thinking about the actual questions that may be asked in the admissions interview. You will most likely be asked why you want to make a career in nursing.

Good answers: Because helping people is my passion. Because I want to make a difference in people's lives. Because I enjoy interacting with people. Because I want a job where I can do a public service.

Bad answers: Because I want to make money. (While this is perfectly reasonable and could be one of your reasons, putting it high up on your list and mentioning it to the admissions counselor won't make for a compelling case for you. After all, this is a very stressful and challenging profession and money shouldn't be the only reason to go into it.)

More not-so-good answers: Because I often find myself jobless, and there are always jobs for nurses, right? Because it's my ticket to meeting a doctor who can then support me if I quit working. Because I can't think of anything else and everyone's going to nursing school nowadays because it's such an in-demand job.

Fourth, prepare questions of your own. Ask relevant questions that will give you a better idea of what to expect in the program.

Here are some examples: What are your students' passing rates for the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-LPN? What percentage of students who are accepted into your program successfully complete it? What type of job placement assistance do you have for your graduates? What type of NCLEX preparation courses or support do you offer?

With these sound tips, you can earn high marks from the admissions counselor and in no time, earn that nursing degree.

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