Here 10 Cool Reasons Why Nursing Should Be Your Career

Published: 09th December 2010
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So you're thinking about becoming a nurse? Nursing is a hot career right now; much of the economy is in flux, and nursing is one of the few profession's that's growing, not laying people off.

But let's get down to specifics. These 10 things make nursing just about the coolest career:

1.) Tuition reimbursement.

Many workplaces in the health field will repay some or all of your nursing student loans, AND to get them to pay for your continuing education.

2.) Sign-on bonuses.

Another incentive for facilities to lure nurses to join them. A sign-on bonus can amount to several thousands of dollar. In exchange however, most employers require a contract for return service.

3.) Flexible schedules.

You can work days, nights, weekends, part-time, full-time, overtime...whatever suits you.

4.) Shift differentials.

As mentioned, you get extra pay for taking night and weekend shifts. Overtime duties usually pay for time and half.

5.) Travel opportunities.

Believe it or not, a nursing career can literally take you to places too. Travel nursing agencies hire experienced nurses at higher rates, shoulder travel costs, and even provide for accommodation.

6.) Job satisfaction.

Other than the obvious monetary benefits, being a registered nurse also grant you a satisfaction like no other. Caring for sick people and helping them at the weakest times in their lives is something money cannot buy.

7.) Exemplary benefits for staff nurses.

Health benefits, 401K plans, vacation pay, and pensions are offered by many employers.

8.) High demand.

You won't have to stress about being unemployed any time in the next few decades.

9.) Variety of work environments.

Prisons, schools, hospitals, clinics, resorts, cruise ships...they all need nurses.

10.) Career advancement opportunities.

RNs need not remain as staff nurses forever. With continued education and higher degrees (which some employers may even pay for) a nurse can rise to higher positions such as managers, and subsequently, earn more too.

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