How Safe Are My Files With Carbonite?

Published: 31st July 2009
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Would you like to use online backup services like Carbonite Online for keeping your files and data secure? More users are finding that using Carbonite as a data backup system is one of the most secure methods of ensuring the safety of their files. But you may ask, "How safe really is Carbonite?"

While I cannot speak for most online backup and storage services except for one or two more, I can very well vouch for the security and dependability of Carbonite Backup. Why? Because I've been a Carbonite user myself for years now and like you, I do not just trust my important data with a service provider which I know nothing about. As most other users will agree, there is no need for you to worry about your data being compromised in the hands of Carbonite.

As they say, anything is possible so there is still that slimmest of chances that some untoward incident may happen to put your files at risk, but the probability of this happening is very low - perhaps close to none. Carbonite's servers are maintained with the highest levels of professionalism and with the most advanced technology.

You may still have your doubts, so here are the bottom line details of what Carbonite actually goes when storing your data and the lengthy process it entails. First, your data is automatically run through a 448-bit Blowfish encryption. Once your data is encrypted, it is transferred to the Carbonite servers. This encryption method is not only safe, but has never been breached ever. As soon they get your data, they run it through another encryption system: Secure Socket Layer or SSL. With the security of this double encryption method, it is virtually impossible for anyone to steal your files while they are being transferred to Carbonite's servers. What's more, your data remains encrypted in this manner while it is being stored long term.

If you need to access your files, Carbonite has encryption keys to unlock your data and only a few select people at Carbonite have access to these encryption key codes. Even the database that stores the encryption keys is encrypted as well. Carbonite stores over 25 billion files and there is no ordinary employee that has access to any of the files.

Now that you understand what they do to keep your files safe and secure, you should have all of your questions answered. If you are using an external hard drive as your backup method or not using any backup at all, you are taking some horrible risks that could end up being detrimental to your data. You can lose everything to theft, scams, house fires or equipment failure. The biggest risk you are taking is not using Carbonite for your computer backup of all of your files and records.

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