Is Nursing The Career For You? Ask Yourself These Five Questions Before You Get In Too Deep

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Published: 30th November 2010
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Before you dive right in into a nursing degree, you should know -- nursing school is not for the faint-hearted. Training programs for aspiring nurses are rigorous and exhausting, plus they cost a lot of money too .

So before you invest too much time, energy, and resources into a nursing school program, you should ask yourself these five questions first, so that you don't wait until you're already halfway through the program to realize that being a nurse is something you're not cut out for after all.

Question 1. Be as honest with yourself as you can -- How well can you handle the sight and smells of blood, vomit, body fluids, exposed internal organs, and situations where these are present? Gross though they may sound, you have to accept that these are everyday occurrences to a nurse. At some point in your nursing training, and even when you will be licensed already, you will need to assist in cleaning up urine, mucus, feces, blood, and vomit. It isn't that you have to enjoy this, but if you simply cannot handle any of this stuff, nursing is not for you.

Question 2. Can you cope with extreme stress as well? People's lives depend on your answer. If you fall to pieces when multiple trauma patients are rushed towards you in the E.R. or when what was expected to be routine procedure suddenly faces complications, again...think of other career options.

Question 3. Are you very disciplined and self-motivated? Expect loads of information to study and memorize throughout your schooling experience. It's not uncommon for a student to be kicked out of a nursing program even in the middle of a school year, if he fails to make the grade.

Question 4. Take stock of your current situation as well. Can you really devote at least 80% of your time to nursing studies for however long it takes you to get that degree? Do you have childcare, living expenses, and school expenses adequately covered so that you can afford to give nursing school your all?

Question 5. Do you possess excellent people skills? Not good, excellent. Remember that patients you deal with may be in their worst moods. They are scared, physically uncomfortable, possibly in pain. You also have to deal with their families, who may be frightened and worried, and may direct their stress at you.

If you think that you can handle all of the above, will make an excellent nurse!

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