Tips on How to Restore Files from Carbonite

Published: 22nd September 2009
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If you're interested in using online backup solutions and are concerned of the technical difficulties you might encounter, you would be happy to know that it's really quite simple to restore files from Carbonite. with our computer hardware needs a lot of technical wisdom. The same is true with a new program or software. With Carbonite backup however, doing data backup and recovering the data when the need arises involves processes that are very easy to follow even for novice computer users.

The first step to restoring all of your files after a major crash or hard drive format is to download the Carbonite software again. Once you do, you will be given two options by the wizard. You will be able to click an option to restore your files later or you will be able to select an option that lets you restore all of your files now. If you select the latter, you will get two more options. Most people will choose to restore all of their files to their original locations, but you will also be able to select specific files based upon user profiles if you like. This option is really for more advanced users, but it is still not difficult.

However, if you only want to restore a single file or an older version of a file, you have options there as well. Since Carbonite is listed under My Computer as a virtual drive, you can open it and navigate it just like any other drive. Once you have opened it, you simply have to find the file you want to restore. Click Restore to send it back to its original location or click Restore To if you want to send it somewhere else. You also have to option to retrieve previous versions of files by clicking the Restore Previous Version option. Carbonite will save older versions for up to three months.

Carbonite however, also has its weak points. One of its major drawbacks is the delay you may encounter when you restore large file sizes. Restoring a few hundred megabytes of data for instance, may be completed only after hours or even days of waiting. Even if you want to have a document restored very quickly though, you would need to stretch your patience a bit. The important thing is, you have a reliable backup in place should you experience a computer disaster. Carbonite's servers may be slow when restoring large volumes, but then again, faster servers would have meant more expensive fees.

Carbonite online backup is not perfect. Nevertheless, it offers us good value for money considering we get a service that allows us to recover our lost data. Other companies can charge us 10 times higher than what Carbonite asks for and are a lot less user-friendly. While some of us may never need to restore files from Carbonite, the monthly subscription fee is still cheap insurance for the safety and security of our files and our own peace of mind.

Even if you never have to restore files from Carbonite, the protection and peace of mind that this online backup tool offers is well worth the small monthly fee. Read the full Carbonite backup review to find out more.

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