What's In A Plumber's Card? The Elements Of An Effective Plumbing Business Card

Published: 22nd September 2009
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How do you make a good plumbing business card? Should it have a swanky look, an eye-catching design or a pulled-together finish? Truth is, a plumbing business card could do with or without these fancy elements. For a card to be truly powerful, it needs to have the most important element: your plumbing business card should appeal to the basic need of the customer.

Now don't get the wrong impression here. I'm not saying that just any look will do, or that you shouldn't pay any attention to the style and design at all. On the contrary, how you present yourself and your plumbing services still counts for a lot, and is actually the first thing that catches the eye of the customer.

More than just the initial impression it gives however, the visuals should then give way to highlighting your plumbing business and how it can help your customers. Some business men spend too much time looking for the best business card and end up letting slip business opportunities. Keep in mind that the nice-looking cards do not always guarantee steady clients and good income.

So how exactly does a business card help in promoting your plumbing company? Below are three basic yet very important tips that you can apply to your card. Given the right elements, your card can help you become the go-to guy if any plumbing emergency comes up.

First you should consider the look. It has been established earlier on that the key to getting people to even just stop themselves from putting your plumbing business card into the waste bin is to make your worth looking at another time. At the very least it should not be just plain paper printed with your personal details and cut down to business card size. You don't have to win a business-card-of-the-year award but you do have to succeed in catching attention.

Second, make sure that you choose a readable font. Some card owners use a combination of different of font types in various sizes which only gets the reader distracted instead of focusing on your message. In case you change your contact numbers or address, simply crossing out old contact details is a no-no. Have a new batch of cards printed instead.

The last but definitely not the least aspect to take into consideration is the actual words. It's difficult to squeeze in so many words in a 2.5" by 3.25" sized paper so give a lot of though to what info should be included. Basic contact details are a must but aside from this, your card should also say what your plumbing service can offer like 24/7 and guaranteed service.

To get the customer's attention, your plumbing business card should do more than provide information about yourself. It should also be about the customer and what he needs most from a plumbing service. That way, even when he forgets how nice your card looks like, he would still think to call you when a plumbing emergency comes up.

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